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Seedling tray

>1Piece :  $ 0.10
Seedling tray \ vegetable seedling tray \ Huapu seedling incubator \ acupoint tray


Plug Tray / seedling tray Texture of material PVC Whether to import no
Characteristic Corrosion resistant, breathable, easy to deform, durable, water-saving and drought resistant. Usage form Floor type style Countryside
Application scenario Garden nursery production, home gardening, balcony vegetable garden brand nothing Item number 4
Bottom diameter Varied Technology Compression molding Making method Compression molding
colour black size 21 hole 90g, 21 hole 110g, 32 hole 80g, 32 hole 90g, 32 hole 100g, 32 hole 110g, 50 hole 60g, 50 hole 80g, 50 pore 90g, 50 hole 100g, 50 hole 110g, aperture hole, aperture hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, hole hole, flat plate, flat hole without holes, forest hole, forest hole, hole hole Cross border source or not no

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