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Indoor wall flowerpot

>1Piece :  $ 6.80
Indoor wall planter \ indoor decorative plant wall \ living room balcony vertical greening planting box \ three-dimensional combined wall hanging Basin


type Flowerpot Texture of material resin Whether to import no
Characteristic Corrosion resistant, breathable, easy to deform, self absorbent, durable, water-saving and drought resistant. Usage form The floor type, wall hanging type, hanging basin type, combined type. style Vertical greening
Application scenario Home furnishings, greening projects, hotels, flower nursery production, offices, home gardening, balcony gardens, shopping malls brand Item number MY2515-4
Bottom diameter 78MM Technology Injection molding Making method Injection molding
colour White, light green, dark green. size Long 24* width 14* high 57CM Are cross border cargo sources? no

Material: new PP environmental protection material
Color: light green / dark green / white
One set of dimensions: length 24 * width 14 * height 57cm
Features: sun and corrosion resistance, indoor use for 15 years, outdoor installation for 10 years simple, plant replacement labor-saving, suitable for plants with a basin diameter of 100mm.

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