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About US

ZHEJIANG WAIMAOTONG INTERNET TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. It is a comprehensive service platform specialized for foreign trade enterprises, which can provide basic foreign trade services (logistics, customs clearance, foreign exchange settlement and tax refund) for foreign trade enterprises; financial services (tax refund - export tax refund financing; credit facility - credit guarantee financing; credit facility - letter of credit documentary; credit sale - export credit financing; maintenance facility - long-term foreign exchange maintenance); other foreign trade services (enterprises Brand website promotion; foreign trade website design and production; SEO optimization; foreign trade talent recruitment and other services).

Through big data matching of foreign trade, ftcom uses two platforms to establish a logical system and a product development system that meet the needs of the buyers and the market for small and medium-sized enterprise users.

Technology platform -- international station of foreign trade communication

1. It is the first time to get through the data interface between the independent station and the international station of the enterprise and connect in real time. Ftcom super station building system is a SaaS station building system in line with Google's dynamic optimization architecture, which meets the habitual needs of buyers in Europe and the United States and other countries, making it easier for buyers to find products released by enterprises on Google and other search engines

2. Establish the marketing and promotion system of foreign trade enterprise level B2B + B2C for the first time, attract the data of global users to be distributed to the independent enterprise station, and integrate the sales and promotion

3. Provide customers with precise talent matching (Talent Network 130000 users), logistics matching, product matching and technology matching

4. Provide big data analysis, precise analysis of product analysis, industry analysis, competitor analysis, purchaser analysis, partner analysis, trend analysis, and how to buy a good price analysis.

Service platform -- integrated foreign trade online comprehensive service platform

1. A powerful Internet online comprehensive foreign trade service platform. Foreign trade enterprises provide basic services such as customs clearance, foreign exchange, tax refund, import, etc,

2. Through China CITIC insurance and cooperative bank, provide enterprises with financial value-added services such as credit sale, credit facility, credit facility, tax refund facility, and maintenance facility.

Platform operation mode

1. Foreign trade Tongli uses cloud computing Internet technology to realize two-way matching and mutually beneficial organization form sharing service platform. After small and medium-sized enterprises enter the international station of foreign trade Tongtong, they use the international station to release their product information and use the leading dynamic search and matching technology specially developed by the international station of foreign trade Tongtong to solve the problems of accurate marketing and accurate customers of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises' products.

2. Integrated service system of foreign trade communication. By using internet mode, we can provide export, logistics, foreign exchange settlement and tax refund services for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises and provide value-added financial services for high-end customers.